Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last Night

Last night before heading out to my overnight job, I had the urge to get myself the entire Holy Bible. A few weeks ago, a client of mine gave me his new testament. It really did change my life. Now that I'm through the gospels however, I feel the need to read the whole story. I want to know everything! I want to read these prophecies of Christ arriving for myself.

So I bought a New International version (NIV) of the bible. I liked it because 1. It had cool maps in the back. 2. Jesus's actual words were highlighted in red. 3. It was only 5 bucks. I read the entire introduction first... how it was compiled, all the committees and time put into translating it accurately. I received a better understanding of how the bible has been passed on through time. I noticed right away however that the language is a little different than the New American Standard Bible, I am used to reading from. This NIV seemed a little harder to read.

I started with Genesis. I really thought I could finish it (the book of Gen) in one night, but whoosh. That is quite a read. I had to stop many times and think about what I just read. Get the whole picture in my head. I was surprised at how often sex, and incest, and adultry was mentioned. Like after Sodom was destroyed and those 2 daughters getting their father drunk and sleeping with him so they could carry on the family name (after their mother was turned into a pillar of salt!!!). Whoa. Wild and Sick~!

I found a lot of it dragged on with all the "tribes" and lineage and weird names I couldn't even pretend to pronounce in my head. I can't believe Abraham and Sarah were half bro-and sister. Wild! And Sarah beating her Egyptian slave after forcing her to "lay" with Abe. Geesh. I am hoping that later on in this story there are some rules established about incest because so far, I'm getting a tad grossed out.

The best part of Genesis so far, the only part that didn't appaul me in some way was Noah! The whole story was delightful! I especially loved the part where God made rainbows his covenant to Earth as a reminder so as not to destroy it's inhabitants again! That was pretty cool, I will never look at rainbows the same way.

So, I now am just getting up to Isaac time- being born to 100 year old parents and whatnot- his story should be somewhat interesting.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. It's really hard imagining some of this transpiring in my head. I hope when I'm done reading the entire book it will all come together. I've been praying that I will come to understand it, so perhaps I can inspire others to do the same.

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